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Sodium Alginate

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25 kg
Sodium alginate is a natural polysaccharide that is extracted from brown seaweed. It is a white to yellowish powder that can dissolve in water to form a viscous solution. It can also form heat-stable gels when it reacts with acids or multivalent metal ions, such as calcium. Sodium alginate is widely used in food as a thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent123

    Suzhou-Chem Inc. is an experienced supplier/distributor of Sodium Alginate. Suzhou-Chem has the logistics network to deliver Sodium Alginate in the US and Canada. As a supplier of Sodium Alginate, Suzhou-Chem provides supply chain solutions to partners and customers in the food industry. We do this by working with cost competetive and trustworthy manufacturers of Sodium Alginate. Suzhou-Chem supplies Sodium Alginate to customers for "Acidifiers & Preservatives".

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